How water benefits to Male? 4

How water benefits to Male? 4

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10..   Water makes Ur body more flexible More Flexible Guess what the main ingredient in your tendons and ligaments are? Water also makes up the lubricant between joints called synovial fluid you hear yogis yammer on about. Putting your legs behind your head just got a little bit easier. You’re welcome. I’m talking to you too guys. Studies show that around 70% of our population is dehydrated. If you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. There is no set amount you’re supposed to drink and it varies depending on exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption. Alcohol not only doesn’t hydrate you and dehydrate you, it also keeps you from getting hydrated by causing you to pee all the time. Funny we go out to get drinks before having sex. This may be doing us more harm than we realize. So get a good water bottle, drink from it all day long, and reap the benefits.
You are well experienced about Flexibility…

How water benefits to Male? 3

How water benefits to Male? 3
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7.  .Improves bodily fluids More Bodily Fluids When it comes to lubrication all natural is always the most convenient way to go. You can always quickly dry off, but stopping things and grabbing a bottle of lube can be a bummer. Saliva is also fantastic lubricant, and your body can only make it if you give it enough water. Semen is obviously water based, so staying hydrated will increase amount and even lighten the taste and smell.
All your body parts are activated with water...So drink water...
8.  Protects your Skin and Lips
Better Skin/lips Dry flaky skin is not ideal for groping and nobody wants to kiss dry cracked lips. Having cracked dry lips can put a damper on any make out session as well. If you want succulent lips and soft skin, drink more water.
To prevent any skin and lips problems drink water as needed...It is for both Male and female....
9..  Repairing your muscle tissue
Less muscle …

How water benefits to Male? 2

How water benefits to Male? 2
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4.  Improves physical and mental energy Your cells need water to function. With more water you get healthier cells that can transport oxygen through your brain and body. It also helps your metabolism. This gives you both physical and mental energy that can be put to use in the bedroom. Being dehydrated will cause your body to relieve stress hormones because your body goes into survival mode which throws off sexual hormones like testosterone. Increased blood flow is also necessary for sexual organs to function and is aided by drinking water.
Drink water as needed to your body so that you will be physically and mentally healthy....
5.  You will not get bad smell of your sweating Sweat stinks less Smell is super important when it comes to sex. You can light as many lavender scented candles as you want, when you’re naked and sweaty there is going to be a smell. If you’re well hydrated your sweat w…

How water benefits to Male? 1

How water benefits to Male? 1

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1.  Water is the basic Nutrient of our body
Most of us neglect water.  From the beginning I am telling U that you need 1.Air  2. Water and 3. Healthy food.  Our body consist of 70% water.  Water will purify our blood cells, clean all our body parts, our brain work with sufficient water, our Kidneys filter unneeded materials and drain out with urine.  It is only possible if you drink sufficient water to remove unwanted materials from your body.  Most of us doesn't know the importance of water for your fertility ie sperm.  Let us discuss each and every.
2.. The water is equally benefits to male and female
1. Improves Brain power
2. Removes unwanted pollution from our body
3. Regulate blood flow
4. Clean blood
5. Improves the functions of kidneys
6. Prevents major health problems like Heart attacks, paralysis, Brain strokes etc..
Besides it there are many benefits to our body...So Drink water to …

Balanced sheet of your body

Balanced sheet of your body

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What is balanced sheet of your body?
Every one knows the balanced sheet of your Income and expenditure. If your income is more than that of your expenditure then you can improve savings or if your expenditure is more than that of your income you will be borrower or take loan.
In our body what ever the energy gained with our food is more than the energy spent you will become obese or if your energy spent is more than that of energy gained with your food than you will be become weak.
Our body requires
A balanced diet that is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
It's recommended our total daily calorie intake should comprise of:
Fat - 30-35%
Protein - 15%
Carbohydrates - 50-55%
Protein aids your body's growth and repair. It's essential if you exercise a lot because it helps with muscle development.
The perils of eating too many carbs have been we…

Water is Nutrient which helps U to conceive.....7

Water is  Nutrient which helps U to conceive.....7

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19... your body expands during pregnancy
How animals, birds etc,,,conceive?
All these are doesn't know the meaning of fertility...They don't know visit any fertility specialists or IVF Hospitals or surrogacy Hospitals...They don't know any other language except their body language. They understand their body language and act accordingly. For healthy living they follow healthy habits till the end of their life...i.e. 1. Taking Breath 2. Drinking water and 3. Eating healthy food according to their body.
The first one is Breathing is natural process...Without their personal involvement they take breathing.
The second one is when their body demands they simply go and drink water as per their body demands.
The third one is when their body demands for healthy food they simply go and take healthy food according to their body.
Without any problem they are conceiving and gi…

Water is Nutrient which helps U to conceive.....6

Water is  Nutrient which helps U to conceive.....6

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16... your body expands during pregnancy
Waters helps egg health
Drinking enough water also helps to keep your body nourished and nutritionally balanced. Keeping your body healthy will ensure that in turn, your eggs are also healthy. Healthy eggs grow into health babies, so make sure to drink enough water to keep your eggs healthy also.
17... your body expands during pregnancy
Waters helps cervical mucus
Drinking enough water can also help to increase your cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is very important when getting pregnant, since the cervical mucus is what the sperm attach to on their journey to the egg. Without enough cervical mucus, the sperm won’t survive and therefore won’t be able to fertilize the egg.
18... your body expands during pregnancy
The bottom line
As you can see, water is one of the most basic, but also most vital, nutrients for all body processes, pregnancy…